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Kale “Wedge” Salad

The Delightful Kale "Wedge" Salad

I do love kale. There’s something about the toothsome bite of it that makes me feel like I’m eating something a bit more substantial than a salad. Though a traditional “Wedge” Salad is made with iceberg, I wanted something with a little more nutritional value, and kale fit the bill. The mild bitterness is beautifully […] Read more…

Deconstructed Gazpacho

the delightful deconstructed gazpacho

What’s my favorite no-cook summer meal? Gazpacho! First, it’s fun to say. Second, it is super delicious. Also, packed with vegetables, it is both healthy and amazingly filling. With a little bit of crab, it’s down right well-rounded. The idea for a deconstructed version came from a restaurant on Amelia Island calledĀ PLaE. They have a […] Read more…

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