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Broiled Peaches with Rosemary Honey

The Delightful Broiled Peaches with Rosemary Honey

I can only have Peach Cobbler so many times before I just want something different. For this dessert, I wanted something a little lighter, and I really wanted to let the flavor of the peaches shine through. You could broil them as I did, or you could easily grill them instead. You’d get a nice […] Read more…

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

the delightful strawberry rhubarb pie

As part of our CSA Farm Box this week, we received slightly over one gallon of strawberries. They are gorgeous – unbelievably sweet and perfectly ripe. However, that means that I have slightly over one gallon of strawberries to cook this week because I have a feeling that more are coming in the box next […] Read more…

Riff on Strawberry Shortcake

the delightful riff on strawberry shortcake

I absolutely love strawberry shortcake. I was having a dinner party last weekend, and I really wanted to serve strawberry shortcake for dessert. Strawberries, whipped cream and cake – what’s not to love? Well, the calories for one. Both we and our dinner guest are watching our calorie intake, so I decided to create a […] Read more…

Minted Watermelon

The Delightful Minted Watermelon

Spring and Summer bring such a wonderful abundance of fruits and vegetables. One of my favorites is juicy, sweet watermelon. With it’s bright pink color and amazing ability to fill me up and satisfy my sweet tooth, it’s a summer go-to. Here’s a super easy way to jazz it up.  1/2 large watermelon 1 tbsp […] Read more…

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